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NCCCO Telecommunications Tower Rigger Level-I Training

Telecommunications Tower Rigger

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Program Overview:

  1. The NCCCO Telecommunications Tower Rigger Level I certification (TTR-I) was developed specifically for riggers in the wireless telecommunications industry. Tower Riggers are identified by their unique knowledge of communication structures (e.g., self-support towers, guy towers, monopoles, etc.)
  2. To achieve certification, candidates must pass the Telecommunications Tower Rigger Level I written exam as well as the standard CCO Rigger Level I practical exam. The written exam contains content related to ANSI/ASSP A10.48, various types of rigging equipment, and activities associated with the telecommunications industry.

Certified Telecommunication Tower Rigger Level-I:

A certified Telecommunications Tower Rigger Level I can perform simple, repetitive rigging tasks when the load weight, center of gravity, the rigging, and rigging configuration are provided or known through experience, while under direct supervision of a Competent Rigger per ANSI/ASSP A10.48. Specifically, Level I Tower Riggers should be able to demonstrate and/or have knowledge of how to:

  • Inspect rigging hardware and components prior to the rigging activities
  • Review site-specific rigging plans
  • Identify and attach rigging hardware with appropriate hitch configurations, capacities, and knots
  • Identify and apply basic knowledge of rope types and uses (i.e., synthetic, wire)
  • Recognize associated hazards
  • Communicate and identify signal operations
  • Use and application of various types of rigging equipment (i.e., capstans, base mounted hoists)
  • Rigging anchorage/attachment points

Course Details

  • Course Length: Three days, 7:00 am to 4:00 pm - Two days of classroom instruction and one day of practical instruction.
  • NCCCO Testing: ATS will set up and coordinate the NCCCO written and practical exams.
  • Pricing: Pricing is based on the number of candidates in the training group, please contact us for details:
    John Klabacka, 608-354-0765,

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